[MMD] Double Lariat

动画MMD·3D2019-07-30 15:26:05
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转载自https://youtu.be/F9G6OsYC_Ik 原作者 ࿐ кøкʉ Please, do not re-up my video in youtube or anywhere with purpose of making money. If you re-up, please credit me like (Video by Koku) or somethings and you can put the original link for the video BUT don't calm as your own. If i have a mistake or somethings missing in the credit, tell me. Thank you. Sorry for my bad english. Credit: •Programs Use: MikuMikuDance/MikuMikuEffect/Handbrake •Model: By Tda/ikirui •Motion: By Sega/Seto (Dover)/minmode •Camera: By Pon Kiyoshi •Stage: By Sega/Fubukid/RedialC •Shader: Raycast Shader Ver 1.5.2 •MME: FXAA/SMAA/ikBokeh/KỉaKira/AutoLuminous •Song: ダブルラリアット - Agoaniki ft.巡音ルカ Thanks for watching :3 •Ps: Wait! Before u go plz sub for us :3 https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNet... This is my group channel In this channel we're doing MMD,draw and so much more Also sometimes i'll up vid in there too Sorry for my bad english ;-; If you like my works and want me to make more video, You can donate me in my Deviantart. If you donate me, thank you so much ! https://www.deviantart.com/haminh
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[MMD]LUKA 寄明月【超修版】02:29
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