【PDFT】Melt -F2nd_Edition-

音乐VOCALOID·UTAU2019-06-30 10:21:41
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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dad6pFeasNw 作者:Yukikami It looks a bit weird at few shots from the overlayed effects because of the particles being ontop of Miku. Hopefully won't have to worry about overlaying effects when Kuji finishes his particle effect and 2d effects tools, though i like how this turned out! Hope you enjoy. Credits: Skyth for MMM/ tools Kuji Kita for convert tools Samyuu :pokeslow: Keikei14/TF2Wake for the port (and me fixing some of the stuff)
【PD FTDX Mods】Tell Your World03:19
【PDFT】Satisfaction port03:20