Ace Combat 7- Skies Unknown (PC) - Mission 09- Faceless Soldier

游戏单机游戏2019-02-23 16:32:14
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稿件投诉 TugaAvenger 2019年2月13日发布 Ace mode, all S ranks, all named aces, and on PC with the best settings I currently have. Nothing but the absolute best for all of you. Please, enjoy. Description below. Well, actually I'm out of the house today and I write these just before publishing, so can't do the usual wall of text. Guess that makes me a faceless Youtuber? Not that I ever wasn't, but... This mission is the bane of many's existence, and mine too until I just started using LASM/LACM and nothing else on it. LACM in particular have amazing terrain following - if you can see the radar dish, it's dead. LASM is almost as good. It's still one of the least accomplished gimmicks and in the game, cool as the concept is. The SAM mechanic ends up just being annoying, there's a bunch of dead time, and the dogfight feels less exciting everytime I play it - if they have regular AI, it needed more enemies. Still better than the next mission, though. ►Twitter:
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