Kyle Bruckmann's Wrack Live 7/27/13

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Wrack is both a chamber ensemble with a highly unusual instrumentation and a book of compositions tailor-made for the musical personalities of its members. While the compositions' melodic and contrapuntal content is reminiscent of European classical modernism, the open structures, improvisational procedures and energetic performances are heavily indebted to the innovations of the African-American Creative Music tradition. On July 27th 2013 Outsound Presents brought Wrack to the stage at the 12th Annual Outsound New Music Summit with the help of Presenting Jazz, a program of Chamber Music America funded through the generosity of the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation. The Ensemble premiered the entirety of "...Awaits Silent Tristero's Empire", a 2012 CMA New Jazz Works commission. Performing Artists Kyle Bruckmann - oboe/composer Jen Clare Paulson - viola Jason Stein - bass clarinet Anton Hatwich - bass Tim Daisy - drums Jeb Bishop - trombone Darren Johnston - trumpet