【Gumi English】Candle Queen【GHOST】【Original Song Collaboration】

音乐VOCALOID·UTAU2018-09-23 13:43:22
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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EPMhkIiapIA Hey hi hello it's another collab!!! This one was pretty fun considering Lauren was imitating my style in composition and I was imitating her style in instrumentation hahaha I know it's pretty different from my usual uploads, but honestly? That's kinda the point, we're gonna shake things up a little from here on out Hopefully y'all like this one uwuwuwuwuwu Also a huge reverby thanks to Brood for rendering the piano! He has a good piano VST and I do not so his contribution was very much appreciated thanks bud AND NOW a word from our collab pal: "I am SO super excited to share this with everyone!! This song has been about a year in the making. At the start, I was inspired to write a song in GHOST's style, so I came up with the first draft of Candle Queen and even commissioned an illustration from GHOST to accompany it! However, even though I felt like I almost nailed it with the piano, organ, and clapping, I never felt like I'd properly produced the song in GHOST's style, so I shelved it... Then a year later, we were talking about it again, and it suddenly occurred to us that it would make for a fun collab! After GHOST waved their spectral magic over the song, it truly came to life, and it took on even more depth in the form of this amazing PV. The song would never have become what it is without their incredible work. Thank you, GHOST, for collaborating with me and making Candle Queen shine!"
【UT手書】MV Candle queen|meme00:48
【meme】candle queen(微剧情向)01:48
【剧情向】candle queen♢meme01:46
【meme/自家崽子】candle queen00:46
【Oliver】 Again 【Cynical-P】04:08
16 SHOTS (original animation meme)01:03
Let Me Know / 綾葉 feat. GUMI03:13
Let Me Know / 綾葉 feat. GUMI
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