【AVANNA/Oliver】Only Time

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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2pBC7age89k Youtuber 原话—— EDIT: You know.. Out of all the times I had to go back and edit this video, cause Handbrake kept chopping off the lyrics when they were at the bottom of the video.. I had to keep rendering it and changing the video just so the lyrics could be seen. During all of that, I never once noticed my typo on the word ''heart'' part way through the video. It says ''heeart'' not ''heart''. RIP me. Another Vocaloid duet I put together - once again I must state these covers were not made by me! Please give credit to the rightful owners of each cover. Links to each cover will be listed below. = Song: Only Time = By: Enya = Vocaloid Covers: = AVANNA was by DissonanceTM = Oliver was by baggagelizard 2 Links to each cover: AVANNA: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l6bAs... Oliver: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XI5SQ... (侵删)
【Oliver】Only Time 唯有时光03:37
【Oliver】That Place02:35
【Oliver】That Place
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【Oliver】Vocaloid 曲目合集6:16:59
【Oliver】Vocaloid 曲目合集
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[Oliver] Love is War03:57
[Oliver] Love is War
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[Oliver] Paparazzi03:28
[Oliver] Paparazzi
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【Oliver】Ventriloquists Melancholy04:51
【Oliver/Len】World Is Mine04:49
【Oliver/Len】World Is Mine
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[Oliver] Black Star01:39
[Oliver] Black Star
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【Oliver】Cold Comfort03:46
【Oliver】Cold Comfort
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