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https://youtu.be/RNiYmhcTZHg*This* is definitely the fastest I've ever finished a cover. But yeah, SynthV came out yesterday and I was pretty excited to try it out and I'm glad to say overall i'm pretty happy with it. Most of my complaints come from the workflow/GUI or the VB itself, but the engine and the parameters are all great. The good: -Simultaneous phoneme and lyric input - no annoying switching between modes -Generally pretty natural synthesis -Instantaneous pitch readout when adjusting pitch parameter/notes -Thorough adjustment of built-in portamento -The tension parameter is just... ugh (in a good way) -Same goes for the Voicing parameter -The ability to copy/move notes and have the parameter edits move with them The not so good: -Lyric input makes me wanna pull my hair out. -Only one track per project -The output seems really *really* compressed. (Maybe I'm the only one who minds this) -Arpabet - need i say more? -Inability to set the bottom number of the time signature - hope no one wants to do anything in, god forbid, 5/8 time. But yeah, I think if some of these workflow/GUI things could be fixed, using SynthV would be a breeze. And as always, let me know what you guys think of the cover! (The rap part is utterly incomprehensible so I just did my own thing) Music & Lyrics: Eleki Tuning & Mixing: WinterdrivE Follow me on Twitter! @Winter_drivE
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