【Vocaloid Italian 】Senza di te【MAIKA】

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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=teP7mjbCK88 製作:MakkuSan 以下原文: WARNING: Flashing lights and possibly sensitive topics -Downloads & Links Below- First of all, a special thanks to Aku-P for helping me with the project. I started this song back in...2016? It took a whole lot of time to finish this, and in my opinion it's not even that good. But I digress, I hope you like the song and the PV, even though I planned much more for the PV and ended up rushing it a lot. You'll be able to download the song together with the off-vocal and the VSQx from the GDrive link below, but the English version is only available on BandCamp. WAV+Instrumental+VSQx+MIDI: https://goo.gl/nT7NmH Donate to my Ko-fi: https://ko-fi.com/makkusan Buy the English version here: https://makkusan.bandcamp.com/album/s... Thank you for watching and supporting me! See you next song ❤
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