[Geometry Dash] Orochi by Platnuu

游戏单机游戏2018-04-16 09:16:52
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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1ME_cb7KZs8 相关游戏: 几何冲刺 简介补充: hardest demon ever. verified by vitesse. entirely speechless. i stayed up all night tonight making sure i edited and released this video as soon as possible - this is my greatest achievement ever, and possibly the greatest achievement in geometry dash's history. i set a myriad of records in the process: most playtime on a single level, most attempts to verify a single level, hardest level ever beaten, and worst fail ever. i wish anyone who attempts this level good luck, this level is pure hell and i'm blessed to have finally completed it. 475,354 attempts 2,968,438 jumps PUBLISHED ON 1 APRIL 2018, 7:53AM PST
几何冲刺玩家。油管空间链接: youtube.com/channel/UCanfrOpBtW7258uxIPMvJVQ
UNNERFED OROCHI 57%-100%01:12
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