【Bat Family】Inkydandy (DC Comics) BatFam - Episode 1

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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D1sJZXUolwk 原作者名 : MissteriouslyRecorded 原视频标题: Inkydandy (DC Comics) BatFam - Episode 1 简介: 繪師們的連結: The Main One Used In The Video: http://inkydandy.tumblr.com/ The Bonus One: http://tukiel.tumblr.com/ 原噗的 Tumblr: http://missteriouslyblogged.tumblr.com/ 原噗的Twitter: https://twitter.com/MissteriouslyVA 音樂使用 A Batman Ringtone I found on Zedge (There's actually two in the video) 18 * Main Titles * Extended * From The Nightwing Series by Ismahawk Lazy Afternoons - Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Soundtrack Stayin Alive - The Bee Gees James Bond Theme - (I have no idea where I got it) Hey Brother - Avicii I Believe In A Thing Called Love - The Darkness Heroes (We Could Be) - Tove Lo Absolutely Flawless - The Ones Oh Yeah - Yello Pokémon Battle (with wild Pokémon) - Unknown Game Spooky Scary Skeleton (Remix) This Is Halloween - SharaX Remix The First Song on the "The Lost Christmas Eve" Album - Trans-Siberian Orchestra (sorry I couldn't name it) Mad World - Michael Andrews Final Combat - Mortal Combat Birthday (It's my Birthday) - Will.I.Am Don't You Know Who I Think I Am - Fall Out Boy Main T
这辺是在當搬運工的方点心好粗 主要是在搬運視頻,有時間的話會加上嵌字和翻譯 目前有要到Laizy-boy大大的授權,所以主要都是大大的視頻
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【Bat Family】躲貓貓01:05
【Bat Family】按鈕00:35
【Bat Family】按鈕
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【Bat Family】數學問題00:58
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【Bat Family】I'm Batman01:38
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【Bat Family】Day at the Park01:13