【Bat Family】蝙蝠家日常 Episode 1

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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sWWcMKVUxKc&t=15s 原作者名 : MissteriouslyRecorded 原视频标题: Various Artists; Batfam (DC Comics) - Episode 1 简介: 繪師們的連結 (in order of appearance): https://careamorran.tumblr.com/ http://cherrymiko-art.tumblr.com/ https://frenchiesttoast.deviantart.com/ http://k009comics.com/ https://komodomatta.deviantart.com/ http://miyuki-rin.tumblr.com/ http://polmcarts.tumblr.com/ http://seadeepspaceontheside.tumblr.com/ http://voltic-mayhem.tumblr.com/ The Incorrect Quotes!: https://incorrectbatfam.tumblr.com/ 本影片作者的Tumblr: http://missteriouslyblogged.tumblr.com/ 本影片作者的 Twitter: https://twitter.com/MissteriouslyVA 音樂使用: Battle Theme - Final Fantasy (One of the later ones) Final Combat - Mortal Combat Dancing Queen - ABBA Nightmare - Avenged Sevenfold Stronger than you think - Fireflight Stressed Out - Twenty One Pilots Lets Get It On - Marvin Gaye Skyfall (Violin) Batman Arkham City - Main Theme Batman 1989 Theme - Danny Elfman Traverse Town - Kingdom Hearts 2 Soundtrack Heroes (We could be) - Tove Lo Nightwing 18 Main Titles Extended - From the Nightwing life-action series here on YouTube Jaunty Gump
这辺是在當搬運工的方点心好粗 主要是在搬運視頻,有時間的話會加上嵌字和翻譯 目前有要到Laizy-boy大大的授權,所以主要都是大大的視頻
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【Bat Family】Day at the Park01:13
【Bat Family】躲貓貓01:05
【Bat Family】按鈕00:35
【Bat Family】按鈕
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【Bat Family】懷孕00:47
【Bat Family】懷孕
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【Bat Family】I AM THE MAN00:35
【Bat Family】I AM THE MAN
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