Planty-P Update #2 Goodbye To STELLA

音乐VOCALOID·UTAU2018-02-04 19:43:59
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稿件投诉 作品类型: 翻调曲 调教: Planty-P 简介补充: Planty P Update #2 / Goodbye To STELLA Yuzuki Yukari Speech: innocent girl created from deception, condemned to death by her peers we will never forget her though, the frowning girl touched by the universe its stars, moons, sons, blessed with the gift of song let us remember the girl behind the deceit not the trage d that took her away too quickly let us remember our almost virtual diva STELLA we will miss you we will never forget you we will always love you good by stella UP主:这是个伪VOCALOID,为Planty个人“开发”的非公开日文V。STELLA为VOCALOID中的XSY技术创造出的产物。其一共有三个声库,分别为Core,Sun和Moon。Core声库为 kokone(心响)XSY Rana,Sun声库则是MEIKO XSY Merli,Moon声库的信息则不明确,但可以肯定的是,Moon也是XSY之下的产物。
【Oliver】Melt (English Ver.)04:19
【Oliver】Melt (English Ver.)
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【GUMI】Helianthus (Original)03:53
Virtual Idol Who Is STELLA00:15
Stellaß Days00:44
Stellaß Days
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