【KAI KIM】维诺玛尼亚公爵的疯狂【2UTAU + 4VOCALOID】 + Talkloid【KaiSuki】

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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9qqjordl4Hc 作品类型: 翻调曲 调教: KaiSuki 作词: mothy 作曲: mothy 编曲/混音: KaiSuki 曲绘: KaiSuki PV: KaiSuki 简介补充: ► MP3 Download: http://www.mediafire.com/download/h2x... Please watch in HD * VOICEBANKS USED: ■ KAI KIM VCV (normal) ■ KAITO V3 (Straight) ■ Kamui Gakupo V3 (Power) ■ Gumi V3 ■ VY2 V3 ■ Shinta Amaine (Cecilianne Append) AAAAAHHH!!;;; This took me so long to finish!; All the art... plus the video was really tricky to make; But here we are and I am so glad it's done! It was a lot of fun but it was exhausting! I wanted to make some UTAU+VOCALOID covers and somehow this was the song we picked! xD And I tried to make the art in a similar style to Suzunosuke! Also if you're wondering why we picked to use a genderbent verison of Gumi instead of Len or Kiyoteru, it was simply because I didn't think their voices would blend that well. I know some people hate VOCALOID genderbends but please try to see our reasoning here. As for the talkloid. Omg it made my vegas so slow!;; The project slowed everything down and there were files and fades everywhere! @ A @ ) Still all this was a lot of fun and I
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