Final Fantasy VII - Tina Guo

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-- -- 作品类型: 翻奏曲 演奏乐器: 大提琴 简介补充: VIDEO CREDITS Executive Producer: Tina Guo Producer: Katherina Bronstrup Director/DP: Miguel Gauthier Makeup: Kayla Van Skyhawk and Tina Guo Hair: Kayla Van Skyhawk and Tina Guo Costume Designer: Erin Brown Stylist: Tina Guo Underwater Camera Operator: Christopher Gosch Chief Lighting Technician: Zied Jendoubi Key Grip: Mark Johnson Editor: Miguel Gauthier Thank you to Rambo Jennings for all your help on set! Special Thanks to my Patreon Sponsors: James Young Don Morris Bill Jackson Beta Lyrae Very Special Thanks to my Patreon Platinum Sponsors: Erik Parker Aidan Bohan Scott Goatham SONG CREDITS Produced/Arranged/Engineered by Tina Guo and Steve Mazzaro Recorded at Remote Control Productions and Guo Industries Mastered by Gavin Lurssen at Lurssen Mastering Cello and Electric Cello: Tina Guo Guitars, Bass, Programming: Steve Mazzaro