SeeU×心华 2015厦门国际动漫节 全息LIVE

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来自: 作品类型: 原创曲 简介: SeeU (시유) and Xin Hua (心华) Vocaloid Live Concert in China Date August 1, 2015 Featuring SeeU, Xin Hua Company SBS Artech, Gynoid, YAMAHA A 3D VOCALOID concert which marked Xin Hua's first concert appearance. She sang Mófǎ Xuánlǜ and Huá Xīn Cǎi. The songs that SeeU sang are unknown. Date August 21–23, 2015 A VOCALOID concert featuring SeeU and Xin Hua. This concert marked Xin Hua's second live concert appearance. Xin Hua sang "Mófǎ Xuánlǜ", "Huá Xīn Cǎi", and Guāng. The songs that SeeU sang are unknown.
时を止めて ずっと君のそばにいたい もっと君を抱きしめたい 。
【SeeU】 Ddararira 【3D dance】03:38
【SeeU】 江南style03:39
【SeeU】 江南style
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