[KSM自制] mnemogeny - Arctures

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曲名:mnemogeny 作曲:Arctures 难度:HVN 01 谱面:[Ashes of Memory] (ravenling) 来源:BOFU2015 谱面下载(百度云,不含音频和曲绘,仅含谱面本身):https://pan.baidu.com/s/1yYS3sCccN27063vv-02uBA 提取码:sm2b 大二前最后的谱面了(应该),下一年会为了对自己来说更好的发展忙于学习。 Arctures这首深深震撼了我。BGA里什么是‘现实’,什么是‘记忆’?不过可能也不重要了,它们可能都化为了灰烬,混杂在一起。但尽管如此,还是被困在过去,困在回忆里,直到自身也化为灰烬。 Disclaimer: I do NOT own the song, the illustration or the program. I only make and share the chart. So the illustration or the audio will NEVER be available to the public. I haven't been authorized to use the song or the illustration in my video. Therefore, I will NOT show the self-made statement or any watermark though I have to submit the video as an 'original' one, and I will NOT make any revenue by avoiding any possibility (references to cv1905108). If it harms your rights and interests, please contact me. And I will delete it at once. (Sorry for my bad English)
休闲向音游亻,也会玩玩其他游戏 也没必要秀啥成绩(