【Silverick】Deemo M2U ★Magnolia Myosotis Marigold 【小提琴】

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https://youtu.be/h3WSp7mPvWY 作品类型: 翻奏曲 演奏乐器: 钢琴 简介补充: 神仙w Hi, finally I played “Magnolia“, from deemo, and I made the video clip of “Three M song”. Please share this videos to your friends on twitter, Facebook, or other SNS, if you like! *Information for Sheet music of the songs I played* Some sheet musics of songs I played are available, not expensive! Actually once I played Marigold and Myosotis, but I played Marigold not in Original key. So I re-recorded Marigold in Original key (it’s E-flat minor which includes SIX FLATS!!!!) And I remastered Myosotis with my newest DAW software and plugins :) Backing tracks are by talented Pianist/Arranger, Ayato and Fonzi M A little I add/edit the notes for Violin Cover. Information: My Twitter account is available! Follow me @Silverick on Twitter https://twitter.com/SilverickViolin
lemon 小提琴 - Silverick
lemon 小提琴 - Silverick
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【Cateen】Deemo – Magnolia
【Cateen】Deemo – Magnolia
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