【HKCB Promo】ソレイユ<Soleil【Don't Kermit Sudoku 】

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https://youtu.be/DRawGvmxX2o 作品类型:原曲翻唱 本家様:sm18857288 >作詞曲/ トラボルタ様 >イラスト・動画/ CHRIS様 >フルート/ 松村拓海 様 >唄/ 鏡音リン ~~ have u ever seen such dank memes kermit is god yoo this is iza, on behalf of our HKCB team, “Don’t Kermit Sudoku”! we recorded a blend test a while back and got bored so our amazing artists and animator threw together an awesome video for it! it’s my first time being a CB group leader/organiser, and i’m glad to be surrounded by such talented, wonderful people~ please do support us in HKCB! ♡ special thanks to Moe, who helped with colouring the art for this blend test despite not being an official artist of our group! (also Umber for the group's name because bless) MP3: https://app.box.com/s/l6uaj7h9o8tb0xo... CREDITS Vocalists: Iza (here) Noodles (https://goo.gl/u4rRwz) Oktavia (https://goo.gl/4G8L5T) B.a.D (https://goo.gl/bEl0LC) Mix: Moe (https://goo.gl/aUmaaG) Art: UmbraticForest [sketches] (https://goo.gl/BFgtF8) Milk [lineart] (https://goo.gl/YazeFh) Moe [colouring] Video: Nobelz (https://goo.gl/keIAa5) Translyrics by: JoyDreamer (https://goo.gl/S3ZdT5) Images sourced for animation: http://wallpapercraft.net/5-centimete... http://www.1wallpaperhd.com/2014/07/s... ~・~ イザちゃん Twitter:【https://twitter.com/izanotayoutaite】@izanotayoutaite Youtube:【https://www.youtube.com/c/izanyoom】 May 13, 2017