Decarbonizing infrastructure by extending asset service life using Computer Visi

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Maintenance of aging infrastructure (buildings, bridges, tunnels, etc.) is a significant part of both public, and private-entities’ budgets. The worldwide infrastructure and property maintenance costs are estimated to be EUR 180 billion per year. These costs depend on industry sector, age of the assets and governmental regulations. They highly affect the financial situation of public bodies and the profitability of enterprises. Informed decisions on timely intervention for effective bridge maintenance activities rely on good quality, accurate and reliable asset condition data. The principal difficulty with adding several traditional monitoring systems is that they produce vast quantities of inconsistent data and are labor intensive. Gathering information requires structural health monitoring (SHM) and inspection and, for it to be useful, it must be accurate, inexpensive and easy to interpret, and must avoid interfering with traffic flows whether rail or highways. This lecture introduces scalable structural monitoring technique called Digital Image Correlation (DIC) that is increasingly being used by asset managers of complex infrastructure systems to support decision-making process and asset management strategy.


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