XenderGame的倾力之作 Boss系列最终作:The Eschaton(末日终章)【几何冲刺/Geometry Dash】

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Dormai: About 3-4 months ago, Xender Game asked for me about the verification of his last episode level of 'BOSS SERIES' as a verifier. And I was sure that he will do his best work beyond so many other levels. The result of my guess was pretty 'FIT' exactly and his MASTERPIECE is FINALLY OUT on the server after 5 months of creating. I appreciate to Xender Game for giving me the opportunity to verify it, I'll never forget this experience :) also I really enjoyed verifying about 5 minutes of entire parts. It was SUPER incredible level for pretty sure. Yet the level is laggy for most of someone who will beat the level probably. Most of important thing that It was the LAGGIEST level I've ever verified. Nexus: Probably the best level in the game right now ViPriN: I don't even know what to say about this. I'm speechless. This level is 5 minutes long and features 5 bosses. It features references to many of Xender Game's past works, which were all great on their own, but combined together the result is this masterpiece. Every boss has a unique design, and features a lot of different attacks. The bossfights are also a joy to play, because Xender Game used good amounts of arrows and other decorations to indicate where to go. Still, the bossfights are very fast, so you need to practice to get it all down. This level is 300K objects, which will cause lag for a lot of people. When I was trying to play certain parts using a start position the game crashed, which is frustrating, but it's all worth it to play this awesome level. On its own, each part is like Easy Demon difficulty, but with the length of this level, it will probably a Hard Demon overall. This is supposedly the end of Xender Game's "boss" series, but with his talent for bossfights I'm sure we'll see more of that from him. Nonetheless, I'm excited to see what's next for him. This level will be out in Geometry Dash tomorrow after a few fixes are done, as well as LDM and ULDM. I think many of you will need it!
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