MH-Shanghai: Urban Multi-Hazard Risk Assessment and Safety Management System

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Modern city has been facing various hazard risks. To cope with the core requirements for maintaining the safe operation of megacities, developing a urban multi-hazard risk assessment and safety management system and applying it in practice, by virtue of the state-of-the-art outcomes from the GIS and CIM technologies and from the research of disaster prevention engineering, becomes the key block for constructing the resilience city. Since 2015 Shanghai Institute of Disaster Prevention and Relief has been devoted to the development of the urban multi-hazard risk assessment and safety management system, i.e., the MH-Shanghai, and gains a series of technological achievements that can be applied in practical applications. This lecture introduces the research and development goal, system configuration, critical technologies and main achievements. By combining with real engineering, the detailed application of the system in Shanghai water supply networks is introduced as well. In addition, the lecture addresses the issues related to artificial intelligences. Some suggestions are proposed from the perspective of fully strengthening the capacity of modern city against various disasters and improving the safety level of critical infrastructures.


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