CLine Action Editor 2.0

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CLine Action Editor is a powerful visual animation skill editor that generates JSON format data by editing characters, weapons, skills, AI, and BUFF attributes. At the same time, ActionEngine extracts various skill release processes such as animation, particle effects, sound effects, camera shake, attack definition, BUFF, hit effect, and interruption into highly extended and common skill fixed pipelines. And various types of games are developed using the data generated by the editor and custom algorithms. Programmer: Customizable events and algorithms, just add the EditorProperty keyword to the custom data. The editor will automatically get new functions through the reflection mechanism, which is convenient for editing and generating driver data for the game. Fixed pipelines and reflection mechanisms make it easy to implement various types of game interfaces for designers, such as ACT,FPS,TPS etc. Designer: You can complete the action skill effect without writing code. More importantly, you can visually edit and watch the skill release effect at any time. More powerful, you can edit animation, particle effects and other skills effects with frame-by-frame. Editor highlights: ● Free function customization, customize anything according to your favorite and functional needs. ● A powerful reflection mechanism that instantly maps your customizations to the editor. ● Real-time visualization, watch skills at any time. ● Engine provides efficient performance optimization. ● Includes full editor and engine C# source code. ● User friendly, no installation required. New Feature: ● Powerful interrupt condition, ai condition, buff condition ● Scalable HitFeedback system more details on website:
CLine Action Editor 1.0
CLine Action Editor 1.0
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unity 卡通渲染 shader
unity 卡通渲染 shader
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