【4K】皇后乐队1986年布达佩斯演唱会 完整版

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https://youtu.be/1J5XQ-B8iBE Hungarian Rhapsody: Queen Live In Budapest (Full Concert / Documentary ) 4K 作者:ebonylover Line-up: Freddie Mercury - vocals, piano Brian May - guitar, piano, vocals John Deacon - bass Roger Meddows-Taylor - percussion, vocals and Spike Edney - keyboards, guitar, vocals List: 2:07 One vision 6:34 Tie your mother down 8:50 In the lap of the gods - revisited 11:06 Seven Seas of Rhyne 12:47 Tear it Up 15:47 A Kind of Magic 24:33 Under Pressure 28:18 Who Wants to Live Forever 32:10 I Want to Break Free 36:12 Guitar Solo 41:20 Now i'm Here 46:59 Love of My Life 49:54 Tavaszi Szet Vizet Araszt 51:41 Is This the World We Created? 55:04 Tutti Frutti 59:26 Bohemian Rhapsody 1:04:47 Hammer to Fall 1:09:00 Crazy Little Thing Called Love 1:14:10 Radio Ga Ga 1:20:02 We Will Rock You 1:23:06 Friends Will be Friends 1:25:06 We are The Champions 1:29:00 God Save The Queen 1:31:09 A Magic Year (Documentary)