Performing for Animenz and Theishter! - Torikago Animenz & Theishter 2018 Live

音乐演奏2018-10-21 09:04:54
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稿件投诉 Hey guys, I guess you can say this is the prequel to yesterday's video haha I'll also include the context for it in case you haven't seen it: Hey everyone! I went to the Animenz & Theishter Australia 2018 Live Tour concert and masterclass, and during the masterclass, I had the privilege of playing my arrangement for both of them where they gave me some feedback about my performance and arrangement! I'm pretty busy studying for finals and juggling assignments so haven't had time to make videos, but I hope these clips will tide you over ;) I also want to give a huge shoutout to everyone I met at the concert and/or masterclass, particularly the audition winner, as well as my fellow anime pianist friend who came with me to the concert and masterclass, as well as filmed my portion of the masterclass! Check out the winner's performance and show her some love!