20201029僵尸毁灭工程开发组周记 - 户外故事,怎一个酷字了得

Half Termdoid


Hey all! Probably a substandard Thursdoid this week, our usual wordsmith is in the midst of a school holiday childcare in middle of pandemic moment so isn’t around this week. However will go through a few things nontheless!





This week, Yuri has been fixing some issues with zombie damage not transmitting properly, leading to zombies never dying in MP (kinda a big deal lol), some issues with animation syncing that would lead remote characters to be visibly stuck in that action forever.


Here is a vid of some of these fixes this week:


As you may be able to tell from the combat around 1 min mark, there is still a little work required getting the zombies not to intersect with the characters with higher pings. Stuff like this will improve in the run up to release and probably after that too. Andrei is on it!


We also discussed the possibility of lowering the streaming range for multiplayer a tad, and see how much we can reduce it without introducing popping in zombies. It may be we will consider removing the furthest zoom on MP as this would afford us the potential ability to massively reduce the memory requirements per player. This is potentially something we could do based upon server load too, to give us way of scaling RAM usage a lot more forgivingly especially on high pop servers. Our quest for affordable 64 player servers continue. Though we’ll of course make sure gameplay isn’t negatively affected too much by this.





RJ has been working on the outdoor ‘survivor stories’ that are the equivalent of the specific situations you can find within buildings in the current build. We petitioned for ideas on our twitter last week – and there were a lot of great suggestions, and I can see numerous of those suggestions have made it in. Obviously we’re not going to spoil a lot of these as they will be there to discover when playing, but here’s a little taste of what you may find when out and about.

Rj本周忙着在游戏中设置和建筑物内一样的户外“幸存者故事”。我们上周在推特上就有关的故事想法向大家集思广益 —— 我们收到了许多绝妙的建议,而我也看到许多意见已被采纳其中。当然我们不打算在这做过多的剧透,而是留给大家在游戏中慢慢探索发现,以下的截图就让大家了解个大概情况吧~

As you can see he’s still working out a few specifics like making sure the terrain and tall grass is unaffected by the placed stories but these will provide extra immersion in the world while exploring and will be expanded on going forward.


Martin has been working on weapon attachments to use on RJ’s weapon attachment system, its unclear when these will be introduced but will add greatly to the variety of customization of weapons!


Easy has been experimenting with a way of saving all zombie clothes when zombies are streamed out, to fix the issue of zombies changing clothing and appearance whenever you return to an area, as well as to stop themed clothing zombies from losing their clothing when you leave and return to an area.


And that’s it for this week, please tune in next week for Thursdoid normalcy to have returned.








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