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原标题:Genshin Impact: 17 Million Downloads on Mobile Alone, Estimated $50 Million in Revenue Since Launch


Genshin Impact has managed 17 million downloads on mobile alone over the first four days of its release, with analysts estimating that it's grossed $50 million since launch.

The free-to-play action-RPG arrived on PlayStation 4, PC, iOS and Android on September 28, and mobile analytics company App Annie posted the downloads milestone on Twitter on October 4.


这个免费的动作角色扮演游戏(RPG)在9月28日登陆了PlayStation 4,PC,iOS和Android,一家名为“App Annie”的移动分析公司在10月4日发推称,原神达到了1700w下载的里程碑。

That huge early uptake means that the game is already a top grossing mobile title in across Asia, and in the US. Speaking to IGN, Daniel Ahmad, Senior Analyst at Niko Partners, estimates that the game has grossed $50 million in its first week, with the majority of that revenue coming from China, Japan, and the US.

"The game had more than 20 million pre-registrations prior to launch, of which more than 5 million were from outside China", explains Ahmad. "This is a huge achievement not just for a Chinese developed game, but for a new original IP too."

Genshin Impact has been compared to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild due to its visual aesthetic and design. The game is an open-world action-RPG with gachapon elements, and it has already proven to be quite the success on social media. A Nintendo Switch version is currently in the works too, with a release date unannounced.

如此可观的早期普及率意味着原神整个亚洲和美国销量最高的手机游戏。Niko Partners的高级分析师丹尼尔·艾哈迈德(Daniel Ahmad)向IGN表示,他估计这款游戏在首周就赚了5,000万美元,其中大部分收入来自中国,日本和美国。

艾哈迈德解释说:“这款游戏在发布前已经达到2000万预注册,其中的500万来自中国以外。” “这不仅对于中国开发的游戏,而且对于新的原创来说IP都是一个巨大的成就。”


It's the latest in a series of Chinese games that have caught western attention, which Ahmad says is part of a deliberate attempt to crack new markets: "As the mobile games market matures in China, developers are looking to reach new players, both outside China and on new platforms. Both small and large Chinese studios have been investing in more robust experiences that can scale to console and PC. As many have seen with previously announced games such as Lost Soul Aside, Bright Memory Infinite and Black Myth Wu Kong, Chinese game developers are beginning to make their mark in the West."

"While the distribution and monetisation model for Genshin Impact are already accepted in China," Ahmad continues, "the game is popularising AAA free to play and gacha games in the West. [Developer] MiHoYo has worked to ensure that gamers can play the title without needing to pay to progress, while still being able to monetise from those who want to pay and obtain the best characters and equipment earlier."

If you're interested in checking Genshin Impact out, take a look at our hands-on preview from March of this year to learn more about how it plays. We've also got some Genshin Impact guides to check out if you're already playing. Here's the skinny on acquiring wishes and here's an article explaining how you can play co-op with your friends.


艾哈迈德继续说:“原神的发行和货币模式在中国早已经被接受,它正在西方推广免费3A游戏和gacha(抽卡)游戏。 米哈游确保玩家可以在无需付费的情况下玩游戏,同时仍然能够从氪金大佬手中赚钱。”


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It's fun. It's free. Enough said.

I have been playing since launch and having a blast and haven't spent a cent. If I ever hit a paywall, I'll just quit and move onto something else. Pretty simple, really. Or I'll pay a little to continue for a really solid game and not be the worst for it.

Not sure why everyone hates this model so much. In the wrong hands it could be bad, but it's free to try out so if you don't like it you move on. No harm done.

Better than dropping $60 on an over-hyped game and being asked to buy "Season Passes" every few months for game updates.


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