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About a month ago my husband called me out for the excessive amount of time I had been spending on my phone. I couldn’t go through the day without frequently checking the news and social media. Nobody was texting or calling me. My attention was being sucked into Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and the latest news story about the redundant and immature behaviors of full grown adults in our political system. By the constant attacks on blacks in our country which seemed like I was reading the same article every time. And being dumbfounded that some people feel like eliminating racism is up for debate. I felt myself growing more negative and feeling more depressed by the day. It became obvious it was taking a toll on me and my daily task productivity was decreasing furthering the feeling of despair and anxiety. More recently I have made the conscious decision to turn my phone off and only power on when I need to use it. To not check social media regularly but to check in once a day. What I have been reminded of is I do not need to be on Instagram all day to support #BLM. I don’t need to check my Facebook to know what the latest thing the president has done to try and silence his critics and break apart our democracy. I don’t need to check my texts every few minutes. I am able to support the causes I believe in, be productive and stay connected by checking in a couple times a day instead of on the hour every hour.
Mental health is often talked about but I think it beneficial for us to remember addiction comes in all forms and to almost anything. It’s ok to shut down and reconnect in person. To enjoy a morning reading a book or news paper instead of on your smartphone where surely we will fall into a digital form of a k-hole.

That all being said, I have started reading a book. First time in years. If you have a book which has helped you refocus, one that isn’t boring, please recommend it to all who will read this post. Join me in shutting down more often and reconnecting in person regularly. ✌🏻 #powerdown #mentalhealth #turnitoff #socialmediabreak


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