#2020年9月大学英语六级# 2020年9月英语六级考试已经结束,目前整理了部分英语六级真题及答案解析,供考生参考。


【Section A】

Conversation One

1.Why does the woman say she can be so energetic? 

A) She can devote all her life to pursuing her passion.

2.What has the woman been engaged in? 

A) Science education and scientific research.

3.What does the woman say about the benefit teaching brings to her? 

B) A better understanding of a subject.

4.How does the woman say new scientific breakthroughs can be made possible? 

D) By making full use of the existing data.

Conversation Two

5.What do both speakers think of dreams? 

C) They have no special meanings.

6.Why didn't the woman's grandmother take her scheduled flight? 

D) She dreamed of a plane crash.

7.What does the woman say about people's emotions? 

A) They can have an impact as great as rational thinking.

8.What did psychologist Sigmund Freud say about adults' dreams? 

B) They reflect their complicated emotions.

【Section B】

Passage One

9. What did scientists first use to discover Lake Vostok  in the 1970s?

B) Radio waves.

10. What do scientists think about Lake Vostok?

C) It may have micro-organisms living in it.

11. What do the scientists hope their discoveries will do?

C) Shed light on possible in outer space.

Passage Two

12. Why did James Copeland want to study the American Indian tribe Tarahumara?

A) He found there had been little research on their language.

13. How did Gonzalez help James Copeland?

D) He acted as an intermediary between Copeland and the villagers.

14. What does the speaker say about James Copeland's trip to the Tarahumaras' village?

B) Laborious.

15. What impresses James Copeland about the Tarahumara's tribe?

A) Their sense of sharing and caring.

【Section C】

Recording One

16. What usually happens when people are accused of being radical?

A) They tend to be silenced into submission.

17. What is the speaker's definition of a radical?  

D) One who rebels against the existing social order.

18. What does the speaker think of most radicals in the American history?

C) They served as a driving force for progress.

Recording Two

19. What does the speakers say about us as human beings?

B) It is impossible for us to be immune from outside influence.

20. What does the speaker say Fred should do first to improve his quality of life?

D) Recognize the negative impact of his coworkers.

21. What does the speaker say about psychiatrists?

A) They are quite susceptible to suicide.

Recording Three

22. What does the speaker say about the American dollar bill?

B) Few people can describe it precisely.

23. What does the speaker say about the exact composition of the American dollar bill?

C) It is a well-protected government secret.

24. Why did the new American government mint only coins for common currency?

A) People had little faith in paper money.

25. What have generations of American politicians argued for?

C) A gold standard for American currency.




28 H.mastering




32 F.labeled

33 N.ruin







29.M saturated

30.L rarely







How Telemedicine Is Transforming Healthcare

36.D 段落第一句 None of this is to say that telemedicine

37.H 段落第一句 Many health plans and employers have rushed

38.E 段落第句What's more.for all the rapid growth

39.B.段落第一句 Doctors are linking up with

40.K 段落第一句 Who pays for the services?

41.O 段落第一句 To date,17 states have joined

42.G 段落第一句 Do patients trade quality for convenience?

43.F 段落第一句 Some critics also question whether

44.l  段落第一句 But critics worry that such

45.N 段落第一句 Is the state-by-state regulatory system


Six Potential Brain Benefits of Bilingual Education

36 H 段落第一句 Do these same advantages benefit a child who begins learning a second language in kindergarten in stead of as a baby?

37.C 段落第一句 Traditional programs for English-anguage learners

38.J 段落第一句 About10 percent of students in the Port land

39.D 段落第一句 The trend flies in the face of some of the culture wars of two decades ago,

40.M 段落第一句 American public school classrooms as a whole are becoming more segregated by race and class Du-al-language programs can be an exception.

41.E 段落第一句 Some of the insistence on English-first was founded on research produced decades ago

42.B 段落第一句 Again and again,researchers have found,bilingualism is an experience that shapes our brain for life

43.P 段落第一句 A review of studies published last year found that cognitive advantages failed to appear in 83 per-cent of published studies,

44.G 段落第一句 People who speak two languages often outperform monolinguals on general measures of executive function

45.N 段落第一句 Several of the researchers also pointed out that,




46.c They are deeply impressed by danielle Steels dailyWork schedule

47.A She could serve as an example of industriousness

48.A They are questionable

49.C It may symbolise one's importance and success

50.B The general public should not be encouraged tofollow it.

51-55(Organic farming)

51.B Organic farming may be exploited to solve the globalfood problem

52.D It is not that productive

53.C Inequality in food distribution

54.B It is not conducive to sustainable development

55.D Organic farming does long-term good to the ecosys-tem


46-50(Public health)

46.B People disagree as to who should do what.

47.AGovernments have a role to play.

48.B They have not come up with anything more constructive

49.D To justify government intervention in solving theobesity problem

50.C When individuals have the incentive to act according-ly.

51-55(The Coral Sea proposal)

51.A It is exceptionally rich in marine life

52.D Complete the series of marine reserves around its coast

53.A The government has not done enough for marine protection

54.D It is a tremendous joint effort to protect the range of marine habitats

55.C It will protect regions that actually require little pro-tection



《水浒传》(Water Margin是中国文学四大经典小说之一。这部小说基于历史人物宋江及其伙伴反抗封建帝王的故事,数百年来一直深受中国读者的喜爱。


Water Margin,one of the four classic novels in the Chinese literature,is based on the stories of the historical figures of Song Jiang and his partners,who rebelled against the feudal emperor,and has been popular among the chinese readers for hundreds of years.

 It is no exaggeration to say that almost every single Chinese familiar with some of the major characters in the book as its splendid stories are repeatedly told in tea houses,on the atrical stages,by radio and television,and on film screens In fact,its influence has been far beyond the national boundary as more and more foreign readers are touched and intrigued by the stories of the novel.


《红楼梦》(Dream of the red chamber)是18世纪曹雪芹创作的一部小说。曹雪芹基于自己痛苦的个人经历,讲述了贾宝玉和林黛玉之间的悲剧性爱情故事。书中有大约30个主要人物和400多个次要人物,每个人物都刻画得栩栩如生,具有鲜明的个性。小说详尽地描述了四个贵族世家兴衰的历程,反映了封建社会隐藏的种种危机和错综复杂的社会冲突。


Dream of the red Chamber is a novel written by Cao Xueqi in the 18th century,who,based on his own hard life experience,tells the tragic love story between Jia Baoyu and LinDaiyu.In the book,there are about 30 major characters and over 400 minor ones,each of whom is depicted vividly withdistinctive personalities.The novel narrates exhaustively the rise and fall of four aristocratic families,reflecting vari-ous crises and complicated social conflicts that lurk in the feudal society.

Dream of the Red Chamber,which integrates realism and ro-manticism and generates strong artistic appeal,is universal-ly acknowledged as the greatest Chinese novel and one of the world s literary masterpieces.


《西游记》(Journey to the West)也许是中国文学四大经典小说中最具影响力的一部,当然也是在国外最广为人知的一部小说。这部小说描绘了著名僧侣玄奘在三个随从的陪同下穿越中国西部地区前往印度取经(Buddhist scripture)的艰难历程。虽然故事的主题基于佛教,但这部小说采用了大量中国民间故事和神话的素材创造了各种栩栩如生的人物和动物形象。其中最著名的是孙悟空,他与各种各样妖魔作斗争的故事几乎为每个中国孩子所熟知。

Journey to the West is probably the most influential one ofhe four classic novels in the Chinese literature and surely the best-known one on foreign lands.Depicted in the novelis the hard journey that Hsuan-tsang,an eminent monk,and his three followers make across west China to India to fetch Buddhist scripture.Although the theme is based on Buddhism,the book employs many materials of Chinese folk tales and myths to create various vivid images of characters and animals,among which is the most famous monkey King hose stories of fighting genies are extremely popular among chinese kids.


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