In Flowers [Hamilton]

The title sounds like romance? Hah, too bad.

The Hamilsquad revolutionaries wants to say fuk you in flowers to King George.

Author regrets nothin. :)

Based off Lin-Manuel Miranda's Hamilton

It was a calm, quite day in your flower shop in new York. It was already way in the Afternoon and you were just using your free time to take care of some of the flowers, when all of a sudden four young men stormed in. One of them slapped 20 bucks onto the counter and then spoke to you.

“ Sorry to interrupt madame, but how do you say fuk you passive aggressively through flowers?”, he had a thick French accent.

“Oh your not interrupting anything at all.”, you said delighted by their request. Getting to work in an instant, arranging a nice bouquet for the four really excited looking fellas.

Before you rang them up you explained to them what each flower meant.

“So first of all you need Geraniums that stand for stupidity, then foxglove for insincerity, meadowsweet that stand for uselessness, yellow carnations that say you have disappointed me, orange lilies for hatred and or striking and full of loathing. That good?”

“Just perfect.”, said another one. Who was equally as tall as the Frenchman, wearing a grey beanie.

“Great.”, you replied with a wide grin. “That will be 15 bucks then. And who do you want it to be addressed to?”

“To George William Frederick, please.”, said a third one with freckles all over his face.

Carefully taking the bouquet in his hands the man with the accent slid the 20 dollar bill closer to you with his elbow. “You can keep the change. Thank you so much for your help.”

Getting out of the shop joking and snickering you couldn´t contain your laughter any longer. What a crazy encounter, but it really sweetened your day.


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