Terraria开发者的Q﹠A (中文翻译)



Q: How do you guys and the rest of the Re-Logic team feel about Journey's End in it's current state?

A:Its coming together but definitely has a lot of stuff we still want to add before its ready. (Leinfors)

A:it is great, I think it has the potential to be impactful in ways that some of the others were not.  So – impactful, but in different ways.  You will see what I mean eventually. 😊(Loki)





Q:the devs confirmed master mode won’t have unique drops, but will it still have the expert exclusive drops or is it just normal mode drops

A: It will include Expert mode drops as well.




Q: Are new npc's coming in to 1.4 update?

A: We've shown one!





Q: On what month is the planned release date for 1.4

A: Oh, let me just check my calendar . . . OH CRAP, MY CALENDAR PROGRAM BROKE! I'm sorry, I'll get back to you on that T_T




Q: There will be changes in the background images?

A: We've added a ton of new backgrounds to the game, many of them have been shared publicly on social media!




Q: Will there be more biomes?

A: We've added some mini-biome sort of things that sort of enhance pre-existing biomes, like the Oasis, that's all I can comment on right now




Q: How do you feel about 1.4 being the last update?

A: Its sad to see it happen, because there is SO MUCH MORE I'd want to add, but I can see the code limitations/foundational issues that can't be fixed and are making it hard to add more content. It needs to end, unfortunately.




Q: Mod support coming?, Official mod support for mods such as Calamity?

A: Doing traditional full mod support would require a LOT of rewriting – fortunately we have the amazing folks at TModLoader that made their awesome tool to allow for a robust modding community.   So I severely doubt you see that change?




Q: How will you earn stuff in creative mode?

A: You will see when the time is right…




Q: How much HP does the Blood Nautalis have

A: Enough to kill you




Q: Will you guys add more food to consume like pumpkin pie?

A: We definitely have!




Q: You've revealed the Star Cannon Mk. II and the Celebration Mk. II already, but are there any plans for other Mk. II items?

A: Its not TECHNICALLY a Mk II, but the is the "Terra Blade upgrade" that's been discussed. It may not end up being called Terra Blade tho

Q:你们已经展示了星星炮二代 和 喜庆弹射器二代,但还会有其他的二代物品吗?



Q: What is your favourite part of 1.4

A: Bestiary!




Q: Do you feel the game would be complete in some way after 1.4? If not, what's missing?

A: The thing about Terraria is that the game has so many areas that can be expanded, but there's just not enough time to devote the love to them all that we could. So I think that's where we try to polish it up and leave as many options as possible for modders to experiment with, because ultimately, we have to draw the line somewhere. I think JE will be a good closing note on the game(Leinfors)

A:That’s the idea of JE – to make it feel complete.(Loki)





Q: Will 1.4 come with professional translations (i.e., 1.3.5-level) of all the new content?

A: It should!




Q: Are the going to be more traps added to JE?

A: Red decided to add a couple to kill some hardcore players, yeah





Q: What fun items will we get?

A: I wish I could say! There are a lot of fun ones.




Q: are food buffs being buffed?

A: They are getting . . . balanced





Q: Have you concidered adding an actual explorable space biome? If world size is an issue, maybe after unlocking some certain item (some oxygen rock?), the player would be given the chance to create a new world which would be entirely space and enter it with their character? Or rather the creation of such a world would always be possible but exploring the world would only be done with the certain item equipped?

A: I believe there would be way too many technical concerns just to add a new biome here. Why make entirely new worlds just for one new biome? Better to just . . . make a new game at that point. We are a small dev team, we have to be efficient about this sort of thing

Q: Infinite worlds with Oceans as just very large biomes?

A: Won't happen with Terraria 1(Leinfors:)

A: Infinite worlds are overrated… sounds great on paper, but in practice?  Unless you are playing with 100 people, you wind up staying in the same general areas anyway lol(Loki)






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