A Niga Chan Doonga (But There's Water)

Aba Chooka (Help, #You Right#)

Aba Loocha (Door)

Aba Loosha (There It Is, Gone)

Aba Nootcha (Phone)

Aba Tooka (What About, How About Something Else?, Not This)

Aba Tooky (What's up?)

Abata Iki (Forget It)

Accata (Alright/Clear)

Acha Booka Moopa (That The Best You Can Throw At Me?)

Acha Kaba (Me Too)#

Achaba (Good Idea)

Achiba (Liar)

Achi-Baba (Friend)

Achi-Kaba (Weird, Here They Come, #Iv Got You#)

Achi-Kata (You)

Acoota Chi-Meeto Igatta No Mootah, Nagga To Nala Itume Tidooka. (Angel's Song) (Heed Me, You Are In My Power. Henceforth, Nothing Shall Be Too Cruel Or Too Abominable For You. You Can't Escape.)

Acoota Chi Tay (Your Turn)#

Achooga Moopa (Everyone Attack, #End In Sight, Everyone Go#)

Aga Ba (What Does It Say? Why? Stop)

Aga Bata (Something Much Better)#

Aga Bato (Bring This?, Like This?)

Aga Chaba (Good Luck, Go Get 'Em)

Aga Chiga (Missed Me)

Aga Chu Chiba (What Do You Want Done With (Subject)?)

Aga Do Baba (And That Works?)

Aga Gata (Enough)

Aga Paba Taka (What Just Happened)#

Aga Pobo Takka (Your All Done For)

Aga Tabba (It Can't Be, Can't Do That, Your Done For)

Aga Tagga (Here It Comes)

Aga Takka (There It Goes, There It Is)

Aga Tooga (There It Goes)

Aga Tookie (This Is Awesome, Here We Go)

Agaboo (Oh Well) 

Agata (Look At Me)

Agatoo (Then It Happened)

Aggaba (Stop, Let's Do This, Goodbye)

Aggaba Pituga (I Have An Idea)

Ah-Qae Jihad (Blast Him)=

Ahua Shalom Bye (Good Morning)=

Aka Boocha (Let Me Out!)

Aka Chata (Shut Up)

Aka-Choota (Gotta Go, Piece of (Derogatory))

Aka-Choota Tu (You Better Leave)#

Aka Chunga (Don't Worry)#

Akare Asaid (It Looks Scary)=

Aka Taba (Was A Mistake, No You Don't)

Aka Tibi Baba (Something There, There It is)

Aka Toga E Moopa (What Are You Doing Here?)#

Aka Tooka (I Have An Idea)

Akata (Bring It, Show It)

Akatu Bata (These For You)

Akatu Baba (I Can?)#

Akootah (Lets Dig, Lets Go, Right Away, Heed Me)

Akootah Naga Pitu (Heed Me No More Bad)

Aku Bata (That Looks Like It)

Ah-Chooga Moopa (Get Back, Take That)

Allaf (Five)=

Allanet (Fifty)=

Ama-Gata (I'm Fine)

Ama-Taka (Here I Come, #I Want#)

Ama-Take (I'm Taking These)

Annibo (Why Not)

Aroomba Micha Nigicha Aba Tooka (Something Has Happened That Is Very Bad)

Asal (Ball)=

Asafi (Table)=

Ashi Salaam (How Are You?)=

Asyrifah (Excuse Me)=

Ata Bookie (That Hurt)

Ba'aq-quasr (That Is Too Loud)=

Baacraphi (Volleyball)=

Baaheth Jihadi (Fight)=

Baari (Fan)=

Baba Taka (Not Fair)

Bachooga (Bye)

Baka Chika (Back At You)

Baka Zika (Back Off)

Barambah (Monster, Scary)

Bachoota (Safe, Good)

Bacha Iki (Whatever)

Bagata Tay (Make All Better)#

Bajo (Thanks/Agreed)

Baquaa (Toilet)=

Bata Naba Gata (Your (Derogatory))

Batooga (Take This, Takes This)

Batookah (Formal Greeting)=

Beesa Sota (Very Bad, It Was Very Bad)

Be Skeena Mi Gatu (Nothing Like That)

Bibi (Yours)

Bliznak (Poor, Crap, Derogatory)=

Bo (Very, Much)

Bo Chifa (I Like It)

Bo Niba (Boyfriend, Girlfriend)

Bo Ninga (Good Food)

Bo Tia (Take That)

Boocha (Bad)

Boochi boo (Target Of Affection)

Boojiga (Searching)

Bookoo (Bye)#

Bootifa (Cool)

Booza (Got Him/Her)

Bon Chiba (Eat This)

Brasmathi (Basket)=

Brinut (Tiny)

Brokuba (Broken)

Bucha Chi Bagga Chan Chiti (Let's Cause Some Havoc)

Bum (Two)

Bupi Runun (Change This)

Butifa (Cool, Good, Beautiful)=

Cama'ahar Teh Tebracres (What Is Your Name?)=

Chaba Ika Pituga (Stupid Head Anyways)#

Chabata (Come And Catch Me)=

Chaggida (Accomplished)

Chagata Questa (Your Done For)

Chappati (Bread)=

Chatti Naba (Where Is My Equipment)

Chi-Chabada (I Promise, On My Honor)

Chi Chitu (Watch Out)

Chi Gata Questa (Your Going To Be Destroyed)

Chi Mitu (Your Going To Get It, #Give It To Me#)

Chi Mitu Nala Questa (Your Going To Be Destroyed)

Chi Mito (Your Going To Get It)

Chiba Chu (Come On You)

Chiga (Then That)

Chiga Baba (Get Back Here)

Chigida (That Way)

Chigi Bay (Darn It) [Caught Peeking Upon Creation In LiloAndStitch2]

Chika (Got You)

Chabba (Enemy)

Chabila (Derogatory)

Chatti Nar (Ready To Go)

Chibba (Yeah)

Chibby Chiba (Derogatory)

Chigi Bay (Darn It)

Chigida (Prepared) 

Chiti (Immediately)

Chiti No Nuba (Now You Can't Get It)#

Chito (Sleeping)

Chooga (Run)

Choota (Derogatory Phrase)

Cho Waba (I Have This)

Chuchotoo (Worries, Good)#

Chu Bata (Show Off, Stuck Up)

Chu Chomba (Thank You (Very Much))

Chu Gata Meega (Now Your Mine)

Chu Gata (Subject) Meega Questa (Come To Me Or I Will Destroy)

Chu Gata Questa (Now Your Destroyed, Now Its Over)

Chu Juju (Your Not Going Anywhere)

Chu Nitcha (You Missed)

Chu Taba (Take That, And That)

Chubi Iga (Get The Bad Guy)

Chumpy Chibba (Finally, Lets Go, Prove Better)

Chunga (You)

Chungabee (You Go)

Clogga (More)

Comja Ooga (No Cousins)

Cooma Tay (Fascinating)

Coota Ni Guy Igatta (Came To See Big Show)#

Crabba Snabba (Uh Oh)

Crabba No Pugy (Uh No Kidding)#

Creega Migi (Throw Me)

Crichaa (Tenis Court)=

Da Chatti Nay (But I Was, No I Don't)

Dabida (Curious)#

Dagida (All There)

Dagita (All Better)

Deketa (Die, Be Gone)=

Digja De-Baba (Release Him/Her/It)

Dinko Tey Fabba (You Are Fat)=

Do Gaba (Thank You)

Do Chooee Sabicha? (Jealous Are You?)

Doonga (Darn It, On It)

Doonga Haba Blabla (Darn It I Don't Like That)#

Doni Gatchi (Gift)

Chaba Naga (It Wasn't Me)

E Gaja No Fibi (Let's Make Them Pay)

Ecata (Let's See)

Ecata Tikka Tikka (Let's See The Prize)

Echi (Correct)

Eega Chooty (He's Evil)

Eegalagoo (Wow)

Eegata (Darn, Incoming, Let's Do It)

Eela (Fortunately)

Eesta Kuani Wanga Moomba (There Is A Huge Asteroid Coming)

Eeta (That Way)

Egataby (Understood)

El Kayo Tay (Sounds Like Fun)

Emba-Chua (You Said It)

Enjaji (This Will Work)

Enjiba (There)

Enjibay (That)

Enjibida (What Now?)

Esa (Warning, Its)

Esa Faba Abida Loochiday Chigida Daka An Taga (We Have A Big Problem Can You All Help  Out?)

Esa Ma Meqa (Who Am I?) 

Esa Me Guts (Your Responsible)#

Eqa Ma Coota (Your A Coward)

Fabras (Ache)=

Feeboo (Tired, Sleepy)=

Feeboogoo (Bring It On)

Frovo No Pugy (You Got In The Way, #Messed With#)

Gaba (What?)

Gaba Bo Taka (What Are You Doing?)

Gaba Chitchu (What Did You Say?)

Gaba Chooka (Where Were You?) 

Gaba Do Cootay Chaba (Why Are You Dressed So Strange?)

Gaba Gee (Who?)

Gaba Ik (What's That?)

Gaba Ika (What's That?)

Gaba Ika Tasoopa (Whats The Big Deal) 

Gaba Itsa Sasuba (What Time Is It)

Gabagi (Pick It Up)

Gablia (I Can?)

Gagitalk (All Clear)

Gamboo Bo Gabi (Release Me, Don't Move, Help Me)

Ganti Batiba (Get Away From Me)

Gashta (Understand?)

Gata Noby (We'll Crush Them(It, Her, Him))

Gatachoo (Cannonball)

Gatchi Nosty (Are you Sure?)

Geetcha (Klutz)

Genga Chi (That's Not You, Cheer Up) [Cheering Up Lilo In LiloAndStitch2]

Gengiba (Wonderful) 

Gengibay (Good)

Gengibay Karta (Don't Worry I Took Care Of)

Gengenjiba (Wonderful)

Goobaja (Lets Go)

Gooba Ki (Whats The Point?)

Gootcha (Hello, Hey)

Go Pimca Chinti (I'm Here)

Goo Bata To Patchi (We're Coming Up On Him)

Got Radock (Way Is Clear)

Graazi (Right)=

Haba Gaba (You There?, You In There?)

Habaja (Wait)

Habata Iki (That's It)

Habida (Understand)#

Haga Bata (What Is Here?)#

Haga Blabla (Feeling Sick)#

Haga Taga (I Will)

Haga Tay (Your Help Is Appreciated)#

Hagata (Here)

Hagata Chooga (Come Get Me) 

Hagatu Chooga (Come Get Me)

Hagrea Sofia (Mall)=

Hajiba (Ready)

Hajmha Sihkism (Enthusiasm)=

Hakkiah (One)=

Hakri Deika (Debris)=

Hak Tienet (One Hundred)=

Halal (Toast)=

Halebye (Taxi)=

Hama Taka (Come Get, We'll Use)#

Hamacha (Tasty)#

Hamicha (Tasty)#

Hapdelup (Up)=

Harash (Trash)=

Hassiniyadh (Sea)=

Haza (Here)

Heegata No Feebee (Don't Give Up, You Can Do It)=

Hoogala Lana Queena Boom (We're Evacuating Before The Boom)

Hoogita (Set)

Hoo-gata (I See It)

Hoo-gatu Gogo (Still More To Do)

Huaa Allah (Master)=

Huaa Awazi (Spirit)=

Hum (One)

Huznet (Twenty)=

Huzziuh (Two)=

Iba (This)

Ichiba (Sighted, #There It Is#)

Ichi Ta Nuba (Ta Da)

Igaba (Really?, #Get Him#)

Igeeba (Hopefully, Approaching, Get Away)

Igatta (No Way, I Agree There Is No Way, Victory, Success, #Where#)

Igatta No Feebee (He Won't Win Again, This Time You'll Get Him) 

Iga (He)

Iga Bachoota (Your Good)

Iga Batooga (Your Going Down)

Iga Do Achi Kopa (You Should Look Over There)#

Iga Me (Give Me)

Iga Me Na Guala (Now You Pay Me?)

Iga Naku (That's Outstanding)

Iga Pituga (Bad Person)#

Iga Pitugi (He's Bad)

Igi Ba (Do It)

Igi Taka (Up Here)

Igi Tooka (You Help)

Igaba (Check It Out)

Igame (I'll Fix, Give To Me) 

Igato (Stop It)

Igato Gogo (Stop Before We Go)

Igeeba (Let's Go Now, Wonderful)

Ih (Yes)

Ih Too Jay (You Too) 

Ikatta (Gone, Look There, This Way)

Ika Na Nista Chi (What's Going On?)

Ika Spubata Gata (I've Got It Now)

Ika Patooba (Baldy)=

Ika Patooga (Let's Do It, #Be That Way, Stupid Head#)

Ika Patootie (Stupid Head)=

Ika Taba Loocha (It's This Way)

Ikeeba (Sure Did)

Iki Bata Bata (You Know What We Should Do)#

Iki Bobo (You Don't Do Anything Bad, Nothing Bad)

Iki Patiga (That Good?)

Iki Pataba (Your Right)

Iki Pa (Sounds Good)

Iki Patchooga (You Fool)

Iki (Your) 

Iky (Yuck)

Iky Bahwah (Come Back)

Imhaater (Computer)=

Inga Toosh Mishta (Your Crazy)

Iniga Wipo (Get Rid Of Him)

Injibay (That)=

Iname Me Guaba Te (I'm Taking You Shopping)#

Ingiba (Welcome)

Ipu (Take Away)

Isa (Is, Am, Are (To Be)=

Ishita (Fool)

Itaga Pitugi (Kiss My Pitugi)

Ita Mitay (Look There)

Itchaba Kunika (Team Up?)

Itchu Nawa (Why Not Me?)

Itishiba (Foul)

Itume (Abomination)

Jan (Four)

Jaalba (Something)=

Jaba Ramid Nye Hassin (Long Time No See)=

Jalipaa (Radio)=

Jal Wadis (Rubble)=

Japdelup (Down)=

Jerudai (Eight)=

Jerunet (Eighty)=

Jhua Tehrqua (Good Night)=

Jigiba (Villain)

Jo Pigi Cons Patuba (Now It's Around Here Somewhere)

Jua'aquad (City)=

Jugaar Juice (Juice)=

Ka-Meega Ka Chooga Ta Weesta (Leave This To Me I'll Get Him(Her, It))

Kaba (Bad)

Kabchithi (Eggs)=

Kadoonboon (Thank Goodness)

Kadoona Meega (Where/What Am I?)

Kafu Ha (Not Fair, Cheater, (Derogatory))

Kaki Mienna (You Can Do It)

Kali Ashol (Accomplished)=

Kamitcha (Awesome Food)#

Kanasha (Tried To Stop)

Kanet (Seventy)=

Kaphong (Monster)=

Kantijibe Zi-Zi (I'll Fix It)

Kapu (Imprisoned, In Trouble, Captured) (Hawaiian For Forbidden)

Kata (Watch This)

Kata Boo Tay (Look What It Did)

Kata-goo (Did It)

Kata Baka-Dooka (Can I Destroy)

Katcha (Trash)

Katcha Booga (Trashing It)

Katchaka (Broken, Trash) 

Kachi Noosty (You Sure?)

Katchooba (Oops)

Katchoobida (Here They Are)

Katchooga Naga (Your Wrong)

Kavi (Seven)=

Keeba (And This)

Keesha (Because)#

Keesha Mi Guts (Positive, #Your Sure#)

Keeta (Wrecked)

Keetcha (Six, Next)

Kenjuju (Ate, Eaten)

Kha Araimi Shol (Absent)=

Khalido (Notebook)=

Khalifaud (Six)=

Khalinet (Sixty)=

Khodro Esafhan (Car)=

Ki Tooga Naga (I'm Outta Here)

Kodain (Bookcase)=

Koobaja (My Mistake)

Koogoobita (Show)

Koraadami (Books)=

Koota Tay (Intruder's Spotted)

Kurdaic (Cake)=

Leecha Nowa (Much Farther?)#

Le Je Impordement (It Is Captured)=

Maathinya (Luggage)=

Magaba (And That)

Magata (There He Is, Right)

Maladhi (Television)=

Maqa Jojo (Look Here)

Maqa Maqa (Look, Quickly)

Maqa Tay (Time For A Beating)

Maqa Zika (I Take)

Matyr (Cousin)=

Me Gata (Warning You)

Meega Achi Kaba (I'll Do It)

Meega Boota (I'm Bored)

Meega Chaba (I'm Better)

Meega Choota (I'm (Derogatory Phrase))

Meega Chuba (I See, I'm Better)

Meega Chula (I Watch)

Meega Donga Igatta (I'll Check It Out)#

Meega Hoogata (I'll Go)

Meega Ita Googoobita (I Am Going To Be Entertainer)

Meega Itume (That Is Abominable To Me)

Meega Naga Chita Coota (Not Good Enough For Me)

Meega Nala Questa (I Will Destroy)

Meega-O-Itume (Get Away From Me)

Meega Pojo Naga (Won't Stop Me)#

Meega Taka In Putoba (Can I Still Help?)#

Meega Trandoca (Change Me Back)

Meeo Dakka Ingatta Poju Nagga Nagga (I Can Catch An Experiment Without You)

Meepa (Fast)

Meqa Naba Gatay (I'll Figure It Out)

Miki Miki (Gimmie)=

Mocheeka (Mine)

Mockeecha (Mine, Your Mine)

Moogata (Found You)

Mootah (Evil)

Morcheeba (Very Nice)

Muchoo Hoogata (Very Little Place, Very Little)

Muhaari (Pool)=

Muquad (Everything)=

Naba Da (Don't Do It)

Naga (No)

Naga Baba Boocha (Not Good Is Bad)

Naga Bi Begeta (I'm Not Hungry) 

Naga Bo Chifa (Don't Like It)

Naga Boodoo (Don't Want To Do It)

Naga Bootifa (Not Cool)

Naga Busa# (Think Nothing Of It)

Naga Cheeka (You Missed)

Naga Chi Bo Chifa (None For Me Thank You)*

Naga Chu Ta Chu (No More Evil)#

Naga Hoo-gata (Don't See Anything)

Naga Igaba Chua (No More Running)

Naga Kata (Don't Do It)

Naga Kata-goo (Diddn't Do It) 

Naga Meega Kaba (I'm Not Bad)

Naga Meega Deeka (Don't Make Me Do It)

Naga Meega Pokuba (Never Make Anything Better Than Me)

Naga Moba (Don't Want To See Go)#

Naga Nota (Don't Know)

Naga Pataba (Not Listening)

Naga Pita (I Don't Like Doing This)

Naga Su Nika (Can't Hear Anything)

Naga Takabah (No Way)

Naga Tay (Could Not)

Nagga Tikka Tay (Your Not Smarter)

Naga Todo (Do Not)

Naga To Kaba (Not Coming Down)

Naga Tu (Not You, Not For You)

Naguala (Money)

Najaaladi Diwali (Bomb)=

Nani Gati (Stay Here)

Natta Taba (Take That)

Nigoba Naba Chooba (Play The Part)

Ninga (Food)

No Jaba (Unexpected)

No Waqa (This Hair)

Noogy Bay (Frustration)

Nooga Shaa (Your Fault)

Nu Pujee (Clean)#

O Utymain (Useful)

Ochaka (Oh No)

Ochika (Agreed)#

Oga Gata (Bring It On)

Oga Taba Bring It On)

Ogi Gigi (So Small)

Ohufi (Greetings)=

Oka Kata (Didn't know)

Okie Taka (Okie Dokey)

Okie Taba (Okay Lets Go)

Okiga (Think About It)#

Oobaga (What The)

Oochiba (Attention)

Ookaba (For You, Here)

Ookata (Not, Something Went Wrong)

Ookata Yoshi (Something Does Not Want Us Here)

Ooga (Smash)

Ooga Feeboo (So Tired)

Oogata (Darn, Warning, Take This, Important)

Ooga Taba (Something Is Happening, #Unfortunate#)

Ooga Taba Gaba Ik Naga Chiba Iky (This Will Not Do It Is Hideous)#

Ooga Taba Choota (Something Is Happening With The Choota)

Ooga Taka (Whats Happening, Stop That)

Ooja Ba (Pretty)

Ooja Mageebay (Hope It Will)

Otigy No Iba (Heard That)

Paathi Bras (Soap)=

Pamsha (Probably)

Pano (Subject) Ishka (But (Subject) Said)

Parvaaci (Roller Skate)=

Pasawa (See Ya)=

Pee (Five)

Peligiba (Please)

Pencha (Done)

Phaa Thouy (Cereal)=

Phaa Thoy Gho (Run)=

Pichu (Your Right)

Pita So Naja Ingiba (Then I Flew Around) [Description of Stitch's dream LiloAndStitch2]

Pitcha (Done)

Pitu (Bad)

Porchuba (Probably)

Por Man Chiki (Your Mom Could Do Better)*

Poovoos (Something Else)-

Praajat (Tub)=

Prepshi (Soda)=

Preshi Moothi (Skateboard)=

Pujara (Boy)=

Pu Man Chiki (Your Mom Could Do Better)

Pusha (School)

Quan (Destruction)

Raban Jiba (How About That)

Rah'quadon (Achieve)=

Ranga Neega Questa Tingu (I Am Fed Up With You)

Ranga Pitugi (My Backside)

Robaapaskit (Learn)=

Ro Bata Chito (I Was Sleeping)

Rumba (Hey)

Saari (Girl)=

Sabaza (Surprise)

Safiya (Bed)=

Salsa (Follow Me, This Way)=

Saza (Incoming, Threat, Danger, Bring It, There)

Shaalthabye (Experience)=

Shiralli (Watch)=

Shirq (Left)=

Shol Asahiah (Abandoned)=

Sibata (Finished)

Smick (Wrong)#

Smidik (Unfortunately)#

Smish (Sure)

Soka (Sorry)

Snagga (Lost)

Snagga Booza (Lost Him/Her)

Speeni Gatu (Show Off)

Spiggi Bay (Darn It, Broke It)

Spubata (I'll Teach You, Smells Like, Come Back Here)

Spubata Iky (Stop Making A Mess)#

Sqeeba (Squirt)

Taaksi (Capsule)=

Taalsa (Sink)=

Tagga Gati (Where Am I?)

Tai Chi Sheng (Exercise)=

Takiba (Better)#

Takka (Thanks, #Trouble#)

Tebrica (Pencil)=

Tel Ashal (Nine)=

Tele Sharov (Four)=

Tienet (Ten)=

Ti Maqa Nai (I'll Take Care Of You)#

Tiznet (Three)=

Tiba (Alright)

Tikka (Smarts)

Tikku (Smarts)

Tiki Baba (Sure Is)

Tinjibee (Don't Worry)

Ting (Three)

Tingu (You, It, He, She, Ect.)

Tingu Jo Faba (Your Fat, Your Also Fat)

To Kaba (What Is Happening?)

Todaga (Away)#

Todo (Do)

Toga Meega Pitugi (Look At My Butt) 

Togga Chata (Where Am I?)

Toobaga (Moron, Idiot)=

Toochotoo (Land)

Toogie (We)

Toogie Naga Chifo (Your Not Doing This To Us)

Tooka Sabusa (We Have Trouble)

Tookaba (We Both Thank You)#

Tookie (We)

Tookie Bawabah (Lets Get Started)

Tookie Bawabah Achi-Baba Maqa Maqa Mimichi Bonaba Iki Bobo (Lets Go Friends Follow My  Lead To Battle)

Trang Nang (House)=

Tsi'Cong (Bang)=

Tubija (Your Fault)

Tu Bligida (She Is)

Tu Micha (Time To Go)

Quala Chifa (Not Satisfactory)#

Quala Chifa Pi Nolo (That Is Really A Shame)#

Quana Chi Doonga Fava No Pugy (We're All Wet Lets Dry Off)#

Questa (Derogatory Phrase, Destroy)

Quimmish (Sure)

Una Skally Boosh (Where Is It?)

Waba (Look Here)

Wasa (Whats Up?)

Watugi (What Happened)

Yadelep (Accuse)=

Yaga Nooba (Taking You Down)

Yagiba (Yeah)

Yana Polo Iki Bobo (Either She Drives Or I Drive)

Yu Porma Dissy (Your Mother)=

Yuuga (You)=

Zaghdad (Android)=

Ziba (Or This)

Zitnet (Thirty)=

Ziz-Ziz (Electricity, Sparks)=


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