Grand Beatbox Battle 2020

💥GBBB 2020:2020年世界杯GBb20将于2020年4月3日和4日在波兰华沙的Progresja俱乐部举行,7 To smoke和官方的赛后聚会将于4月5日在Hydrozagadka举行(与2019年的聚会地点相同)。有限的早鸟票将在9月16日开始销售,所以你一定要尽快买到打折票。购票者还可以与与会者预定同一家旅舍,即Patchwork华沙旅馆(设在Chmielna5/7,同为2019年)。关于如何预订宿舍床位的所有细节将在购票确认后寄给你。在我们主要的Solo、Loopstation和Tag-team类别之上,我们决定在今年更新两个新组别,看看这些格式是否能在这个已经非常庞大的事件中起作用——Crew Showcase Battle和Tag-team Loopstation Battle。我们将为每一个类别提供2个外卡名额,所以如果你有bbx团队或loopstation双人组这是你的机会展示你的才华在世界上最大的舞台!所以现在就开始练习并准备你的外卡吧,因为我们只为这些新的类别提供2个名额,竞争将是艰难的所以展示你最好的!所有的外卡比赛将于9月21日至20日午夜开放。优胜者将于11月1日开始宣布。参赛者必须上传您的视频在YouTube上,然后提交链接连同注册通过我们的网站。更多关于GBb20外卡竞赛,裁判,和进一步的GBB20信息将很快提供。facebook和instagram上的@grand.beatbox.battle和@swissbeatbox,了解有关第12版grand beatbox Battle2020的所有最新信息。我们迫不及待地想在波兰的华沙再次见到你!(翻译)

 The Grand Beatbox Battle: World League 2020 The GBB20 will take place at Progresja Club in Warsaw, Poland, on the 3rd & 4th April 2020, with the 7toSmoke and official afterparty happening at Hydrozagadka (same afterparty venue as 2019) on the 5th April. Limited early bird tickets will go on sale on the 16th September, so make sure you get in quick to secure the discounted tickets. Ticket buyers will also be able to book the same hostel as the participants, the Patchwork Warsaw Hostel (located on Chmielna 5/7, same as 2019). All details on how to book your bed at the hostel will be sent to you on confirmation of ticket purchase. On top of our main categories of Solo, Loopstation, and Tag-team, we have decided to trial two new categories this year to see if these formats work at this already colossal event - Crew Showcase Battle and Tag-team Loopstation Battle. We will be giving away 2 wildcards for each of these categories, so if you have a bbx crew or tag-team looping partner, this is your chance to show your talent on the biggest beatbox stage in the world! So get practicing and prepare your wildcards NOW, as we are only giving away 2 spots for each of these new categories, and competition will be tough - show your absolute best! All wildcard competitions will be open for submissions from the 21st September until midnight on the 20th October. CET. Winners will begin to be announced on the 1st November. To be eligible to enter you MUST upload your videos on YouTube, and then submit the link along with registration through our website More information about the GBB20 Wildcard competition, judges, and further GBB20 information will be available very soon. Make sure you follow @grand.beatbox.battle and @swissbeatbox on facebook and instagram to keep up to date with all new information regarding the 12th edition of the Grand Beatbox Battle 2020. We can’t wait to see you again in Warsaw, Poland!


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