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1.Windows 10 Update is the worst crap ever made 

I don't care about security, everything in my network is my own and even if something gets infected I still got external backups and can just reimage everything

But I do care about actually working on the computer and not being infected with all the crap MS pushes to us

2.what pisses me off the most is the updated they made to defender and the new kinda transparent design

3.And I also hate the fact that they keep trying to push their shitty products and keep killing the stuff we are used to

4. IE7 on Windows Server with extreme security settings  masterrae   I uninstalled Edge

5.The problem with uninstalling/killing Win10 default things is that they will come back anyway and might even be required at some point (for example, when you kill the MS store and want to install Linux on Windows later)

And MS even started the botnet mode and forced their weird "upgrade assistant" on me, while the system was working with updates disabled for a long time

6.I don't really have something against raw security updates, but the other stuff MS keeps pushing

7.This should be basically a reason for accusing Microsoft for anti-trust.



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