1.   / i /   美标:/ i /   美标:/ i:/

please   微笑音  

bee   see   key   tea   seat   fleet   teeth   feel

Seeing is believing.眼见为实

Please speak English with me.请和我说英语

You can lose all your money.

Your house can burn dowm.

2.   / I /   美标:/ i /   国标:/ i /

difficult   面无表情

it   bit   gift   miss   in   pit   shit   minute

It’s not difficult to speak English, I am pretty busy.

3.   /ε/   美标:/ε/   国标:/ e /

everything   小羊音,嘴唇上下一指(谢谢~)

best   end   never   well   debt   step   attend   tell

Everything is ready.

better to do well than to say well.

4.   /æ/   美标:/æ/   国标:/ æ/

practice   老羊音,嘴唇上下三指

fat   glad   bag   passion   cat   black   talent   fantastic

Practice makes perfect.

Actions speaks louder than words.

5.   /ʌ/   美标:/ʌ/   国标:/ʌ/

wonderful   尖嘴a(啊)音,嘴唇上下一指(此处der小卷)

love   flood   hurry   lucky   shut   bus   cut   money

Something is better than nothing.

Love me ,love my dog.

6.   /ɜ~/   美标:/ɜ~/   国标:/ɜ~/

perfect   大卷,双唇外翻(词中)

fur   bird   word   shirt   girl   early   world   dirty

He speaks perfect English.

First come , first serves.先到先得

7.   /ə~/   美标:/ə~/   国标:/ə~/

remember   小卷,双唇稍微外翻(词尾)

bother   eager   together   brother   later   concert

What’s the matter with you.

Remember to call your mother.

8.   /ə/   美标:/ə/   国标:/ə/

together   懒音,短而有力,“额”,自然发音

ago   about   famous   nervous   today   Japan   pregnant   American

Forget about it.

better late than never.

Nothing is impossible.

9.   /a/   美标:/a/   国标:/a/

bother   嘴唇上下两指,口腔呈圆状,偏“啊”音,下巴下滑动作

job   shock   watch   honest   hot   wash   stop   popular

Knoeledge is power.

A promise is a promise.说过的话要算数

10.           /ar/   美标:/ar/   国标:/a:/

charming   大卷舌,过程音,舌头上卷

far   start   heart   marvelous   hard   smart   charm

Don’t break my heart.

You have a charming smile.你的笑容很迷人

Hard words breaks no bones.直言无害

11.           /ɔ/   美标:/ɔ/   国标:/ɔ:/

always   嘴型呈圆状,发“哦”

all   awful   talk   fault   also   thought   walk(不顶舌)   fall

Dont’t worry about it.

It’s not your fault.

Pride goes before a fall.骄兵必败

12.           /ɔr/   美标:/ɔr/   国标:/ɔ:/

Important   ɔ 的卷舌音

sport   warm   fourth   source   award   more   explore   sort

Force yourself to do more.

It’s important to practice English every day.

13.           /ʊ/   美标:/ʊ/   国标:/u/

book   面无表情,同I,声音偏后,发“乌”

put   foot   book   should   full   good   push   bullshit

I could do better.

You look good today.

14.           /u/   美标:/u/   国标:/u:/

food   自然发声,偏前,“乌”

who   rule   food   fool   soon   fruit   humor   junior

I enjoy losing face!

Let’s get together again soon.

You look cool.

15.           /e/   美标:/e/   国标:/ei/

waste   /ε/->/i/   嘴巴左右咧开

face   great   fail   shame   eight   fade   play   brave

Stop making faces.(p消音)

Don’t waste faces!

I am afraid of aging too quickly.

16.           /ai/   美标:/ai/

China   上下三指,左右放松,后音,“爱”

China   fine   smile   side   shine   child   aisle   time

Time flies.

Don’t be shy, just try.

Never say die! Try! Try! Try! 永不言弃

17.           /ɔI/   美标:/ɔI/

join   I为短音

join   enjoy   point   avoid   voice   destroy   annoy   spoil

I’ve lost my voice.

Just join us.

I enjoy losing dace.

18.           /o/   美标:/o/   国标:/əʊ/

hope   由扁平逐渐变圆,/ə/->/ʊ/,扁唇

soul   hold   below   toe   smoke   coat   boat   foe

I hope so.

I told you so.

There is no smoke without fire.

19.           /aʊ/   美标:/aʊ/

outstanding   /æ/->/ʊ/

house   allow   about   hour   count   doubt   down   proud

I’m very proud of you.

Never let yourself down.

Get out of my house right now!

20.           /ir/   美标:/ir/   国标:/iə /

clear   dear   year   tear   weird   fear   clear   beer   mere

Do the things you fear.(things的s读z)

Do you live near here.

21.           /εr/   美标:/εr/   国标:/εə /

care   where   their   share   hair   swear   airport   apare   bear

The air is fresh here.

I don’t care about what you wear.

22.           /ʊr/   美标:/ʊr/   国标:/ʊə /

sure   tour   poor   endure   pure   cure   lure   assure

It was a pure accident.

I’m sure you will like it.(like it连读,t消音)


23.           /p/   美标:/p/

place   polite   map   people   play   plane   nap   upper

Keep the change.

Nothing is impossible.

Please pick up the paper on the floor, Peter.

24.            /b/   美标:/b/

believe   big   bike   break   ban   robot   bag   disturb   obvious

Believe in yourself.

What a day! I’m beat.我累死了

Don’t believe him, he’s just boasting.他只不过是在自吹自擂

25.           /t/   美标:/t/

time   better   talk   attitude   paint   little   meet   connect   tomorrow

Time is precious.

She has a sweet tooth.她爱吃甜食

26.           /d/   美标:/d/

decide   day   deep   advice   bad   red   read   dynasty

I’m glad you did that.

Friendship never ends.

Darling, what did you do today.

27.           /k/   美标:/k/

keep   kiss   take   miracle/mirəcle/   careful   accept   joke   mistake   secret

You make me sick!

Keep up the good works!

Relax! Don’t be so anxious!

28.           /g/   美标:/g/

government   guess   drug   frog   hungry   give   goal   guest   gamble

He is a green hand.新手

Grow old along with me, the best is yet to be.执子之手,与子偕老

29.           /f/   美标:/f/

feel   fine   stuff   face   fall   feel   future   free   fire

I feel great today.

I had a tough day today.

Success comes after many failures.

30.           /v/   美标:/v/

leave   envy   five   give   forgive   value   move   stove   favorite

Leave me alone.

I’ve never been in love before.

31.           /s/   美标:/s/

smart   see   site   kiss   success   say   rice   sour   message

You are so smart!

Are you serious!

He’s so nice to us.

I’m sorry to upset you.

32.           /z/   美标:/z/

business   电流“z”音

lazy   music   zoo   noise   lose   sesire   zone   cause

It’s none of your business!不关你的事

He’s not stupid, just lazy.

33.           /ʃ/   美标:/ʃ/

special   嘴唇外翻,舌头微微翘起

show   she   shop   special   wash   sure   chef   shame

We are short of cash.

Don’t rush,we have plenty of time.

34.           /ʒ/   美标:/ʒ/

pleasure   /ri/

usual   decision(z ʒ)   leisure   casual   vision   treasure

My mother is an unusual woman. It’s my pleasure to be here today.

35.           /θ/   美标:/θ/

bathroom   略微夹舌头,发“s”

bath   three   mouth   length   thin   thank   teeth   strength

I need to use the bathroom.

He always takes a left-handed oath, Let’s not believe him.他总是随便发誓,我们不要轻信

36.           /ð/   美标:/ð/

mother   略微夹舌头,发“z”

this   weather   that   than   rather   gather   they

I love my mother so much.

At last we can breathe with ease.

37.           /h/   美标:/h/

help   自然“喝”音

hope   hear   heaven   honey   hot   hate   human   hey

Let me help you.

I hope it won’t rain today.

38.           /r/   美标:/r/

terrificə i)   舌头由卷到平放,“rua”

red   read   hungry   rose   rest   right   promise   road

You look terrific today.你今天看起来棒极了

He has a crazy spirit in learning English.

39.           /tʃ/   美标:/tʃ/

change   “chi”

cheer   rich  each   future   check   much   lunch   picture

Can I pay by check?支票结账

China is changing everyday.

40.           /dʒ/   美标:/dʒ/

Language   “zhi”

Joke   job   jump   danger   large   age   huge   judge

That joke isn’t funny.

I can’t imagine what will happen.

41.           /m/   美标:/m/

must   元音前读m妈,元音后读/em/

mess   some   comb   mom   money   meat   army   blame

I must do it.

That’s the same as mine.

42.           /n/   美标:/n/

number   “le”舌头从上齿到下齿

name   native   dinner   person   nest   energy   nice   soon

What’s so funny?

I can’t thank you enough for all your kindness.

43.           /ŋ/   美标:/ŋ/

wrong   “eng”

sing   long   strength   song   hang   king   tongue   thank

What’s wrong with you?

Things are looking up.

44.           /l/   美标:/l/


learn   look   live   allow   slowly   lead   eleven   color   classic

Leran something new everyday.

45.           /l/   美标:/l/


yell   feel   control   evil   samll   personal

Help me!

That child is no fool, she is very smart.

46.           /w/   美标:/w/

welcome   world   well   awkward   wait   worth   once   wall   wisdom

You are wanted on the phone.

You are welcome to join us.

47.           /j/   美标:/j/

yesterday   yes   yeah   yell   year   young

Your baby is so cute.

I’m ununually busy this year.

48.           /tr/   美标:/tr/

trouble   /t/->/v/卷舌

tree   train   trade   try   trick   travel   strict   trip

Let me have a try.

You are in deep trouble.

49.           /dr/   美标:/dr/

drink   /d/->/r/

dry   drop   dress   drive   dream   drink

What would you like to drink?

We have a hundred things to do.

50.           /ts/   美标:/ts/

lots   /t/->/s/

pets   lots   hates   mates   arts   sports   habits   fights

I have lots of friends.

I was a liberal arts major in college.

51.           /dz/   美标:/dz/

words   /d/->/z/   “z”

needs   friends   rides   goods

All roads lead to Rome.

Storms makes trees take deeper roots.


1. 连读

1.1 辅元连读   have a

1.2 元元连读   /w/化和/j/化   going   o和i音变为w

1.3 辅+半元音(w或者j化)   thank you

1.4 击穿连续   miss her

1.5 弹舌连续   get up

2. 失去爆破

2.1 给型不给声   /p/ /b/ /k/ /g/ /t/ /d/

2.2 同嘴型爆破   good time   d失去

3. 浊化  

3.1 /s/+/p/->/b/   spera

3.2元音之间 【元+/p//t//k/+元】   open   care   you   okey

4. 弱读


She is a girl.


She can do that.

5. 略读




I read you. 我了解了

So be it. 那好吧

Take your time. 慢慢来

You have my word. 我保证

I swear. 我保证

Seeing is believing. 眼见为实

Take a rest. 休息一会

Action speaks louder than words. 说得好不如做的好

A promise is a promise. 我保证

Pride goes before a fall. 骄兵必败

Great minds thinks alike. 英雄所见略同

Out of sight, out of mind. 眼不见心不烦

Word can’t express how thankful I am. 感激之情无法言表

Things are looking up. 情况在好转

Handsome is as handsome does. 心灵美才是真的

Harm set, harm get. 自作自受

It is the first step that costs. 万事开头难

Stay hungry, stay foolish.

Absence makes the heart grow fonder. 一日不见如隔三秋

The great fish eat up the small. 弱肉强食



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