Not entering into outer space arms race, Indiatells P-5 countries


Shortly after the ASAT weapontest, foreign secretary Vijay Gokhale met some envoys of P5 countries,including of US and China, and explained to them the test was meant to enhanceIndia’s security and that it did not in any way suggest that India was enteringinto an arms race in outer space.

反卫星武器测试后不久,印度外交大臣Vijay Gokhale会见了一些安理会的特使,包括美国和中国,并向他们解释测试是为了增强印度的安全,并没有以任何方式暗示印度进入外空军备竞赛。

Some of these envoys hadsought time with the foreign secretary to discuss the issue after theannouncement by PM Narendra Modi. Simultaneously, the foreign ministryinstructed India’s missions in all important world capitals to explain to thelocal government India’s motive in carrying out the test. The governmentinsisted India remained against the weaponization of outer space and supportedinternational efforts to "reinforce the safety and security of space-basedassets’’.


Official sources said theinitial reaction from most major countries was "subdued’’ as theyunderstood India’s position that its action was "not in violation of anyinternational law or Treaty to which it is a Party or any nationalobligation’’.


While India is a signatory tothe Outer Space Treaty and ratified it in 1982, the government said the Treatyonly prohibited weapons of mass destruction in outer space and not ordinaryweapons.



The government, in fact, saidit was committed to ensuring the country’s national security interests and wasalert to threats from emerging technologies. "The capability achievedthrough the Anti-Satellite missile test provides credible deterrence againstthreats to our growing space-based assets from long-range missiles, andproliferation in the types and numbers of missiles,’’ it said.


The government reiterated thatit expected to play a role in the future in the drafting of international lawon prevention of an arms race in outer space "including inter alia on theprevention of the placement of weapons in outer space in its capacity as amajor space-faring nation with proven space technology’’.


The government recalled thatit supported UNGA resolution 69/32 on No First Placement of Weapons on OuterSpace and also the substantive consideration of the issue of Prevention of anArms Race in Outer Space (PAROS) in the Conference on Disarmament where it hasbeen on the agenda since 1982.



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Reyan ...
several countries havedemostrated the ASAT capability years ago. none of their presidents or primeministers came live on TV to boast their superiority like modi did. india isstill suffering from the inferiority complex.



We have to match China step bystep at least in technology if we want to stay relevant ... as we cannot matchthem in quantity for now.


Velayudhan Nambiar
A real leap for India andcongrats to our scientists and the gift of India Has hind India on the move tobecome a superpower


Vikrant Kumar
But we are still unable tosend human/robot in space/moon etc.



We need a regime change to sayno to fake news. It is time to throw out the Feku regime and to implement themuch needed reforms in the current corrupt govt.



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