Laurent Bàn - Adieu Mon Amour歌词翻译

ADIEU MON AMOUR (Farewell my love)


lf I had had the time to tell you all these words, my love, but everything went crazy!/若我能有时间向你诉说我所有的心声,我的爱人,但一切都变了样!

Since, I'm under the Sun, waiting for the hour of liberation coming./我在烈日下,等待着解放之时的到来(这里since不懂什么意思,干脆不译了,摸不着头发.jpg)

We are swept away with the sandstone of the winds which lead us on the wire on the wire on the wire./我们与引领我们在钢丝上行走的风中砂岩一同为爱痴狂(这句比上一句的since更让我摸不着头发……我们 be swept away是一见钟情 sandstone be swept away是被一扫而空)

Farewell my love, farewell for ever/永别吾爱,从此不见

Burning my body, my heart back to the


The sky whispers your name through the

lost winds./晴空在迷路的风中轻念着你的名字

Farewell my love, farewell for ever/永别吾爱,从此分离

Finish my body, my heart to dust/我身心皆化为灰烬

Recite your name like so many prayers/你的名字如同我无尽的祈祷

The wind moaned your name in the lost time/微风在遗失的时间里轻吟着你的名字

原文来自我们可爱的Laurent Bàn 毫无文学价值的翻译来自我 嘻嘻 以后可能还会有lolo ban其他歌的翻译以及隔壁Caravage的也可能会有(前提是他们有我能直接听出来全部歌词的歌 他们法语和英语我都不是能听太清……)


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